"Nobody's Fodder" lyrics


"Nobody's Fodder"

We fall victim in the twenty-first century
Glue your eyes to the television and watch history repeat
Maniacal rule meets self-appointed 'civilised Western world'
And diplomacy's in pieces as we watch a war unfold


Demob your troops
Listen to us
We don't wanna be fodder in America'a war

In a quest to prove their dominance the facts are overruled
Simply prey upon our fears with CNN as willing tools
The shades have been removed, flags are burning in the street
And if the bastards don't disarm, then we will never give them defeat

American tradition, US leaders love their war
In the name of peace and liberty kill another nation's poor
The legacy continues one more war against Saddam
It's 1991 again, and who here understands?
The UN does lots of talking, bu there's little they really do
'Cuz Baby Bush is in the white house taking notes from you know who
Finger on the trigger, find a target, make them cower
Riding on diversion to mask his fraudulent rise to power

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