"S.P.N.D." lyrics



Postapocalyptic Punx of the nations
This is a call to stop the margination
If you feel the same fucking frustration
As me and all the youth in devastation

We are the Punx
of a doomed generation of today
Street punk, Street Punk
Schemes will be destroyed
When you spike up you your hair
Street punk, Street Punk not die

Street Punk not die [x3]
Street Punk not die [x3]
Not! Die! [x2]

Stand up and push back
Fight what you stay for
Studs and leather jacket
Will dress me forever
Ruled by none rejected for the most
We drink in the streets
Because we’re banned from the pubs


Let’s be united and resist
Till the fucking end
Street Punk, Street Punk
Let’s make the punk exist
in the future of the earth
Street Punk, Street Punk not die


Thanks to Seika for these lyrics

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