"Sit And Spin" lyrics


"Sit And Spin"

I’ve got no time to define my moral thought process much less defend against your allegations. I’m inclined to divide against the circumstance, add the rights, subtracting popular opinion. I’m the dead skin hanging off the underbelly of a scene that’s past its prime; now I wonder am I the only person out here laughing ‘till they cry?

Take your politics and rhetoric, stack them neatly on the floor; now, sit and spin. When you’re chanting and screaming and it turns into a bleating, you got to think for yourself or you’re no better than them.

Nameless faces hang around outside the shows; head-to-toe they dress the part of revolution. Cut-to-fit, the kids all seem to make me sick; they’ve learned their slogans well and they know how to use them. Whatever happened to the degeneration of mindless conformity and since when did we start celebrating anything other than flaws?

Take your rules and laws and dress codes, stack them neatly on the floor; now, sit and spin. Being punk on the surface defeats the fucking purpose; by its own definition it was never meant to be owned.

Well, your ideals are boring and it’s still fucking conforming when you label yourself the outside; sit and spin.

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