"Las Piranha" lyrics


"Las Piranha"

Sarah, please, enlighten me; I feel I’ve lost my way again. Can you please tell me what it means to be a real American? Those threats you have fore-warned us of have slipped on by without a sound; they’re hiding in the shadows now just waiting for a chance to pounce on unsuspecting members of the God-fearing society. They’ll turn us into… (a diversified nation?) …No! Communist Gay Muslims.

Sleep now in peace little babies, it’s alright, she’s on the prowl; fighting the inherent evils of an open mind, a.k.a: “Terrorists”.

Sarah is right, Sarah is good and we’re not worthy of her.

Sarah you’ve inspired me to pick up on the righteous cause to make this country what it was in 1950’s nostalgia. Where everyone was doing fine and everything was going good; with the homo’s in their closet still, locked inside their padded rooms to keep the masses safe from an unrelenting Devil’s influence; ‘cause now their teaming with the socialists and they want to get married.

Walk now in strides little children, it’s alright, she’s “Mamma Bear”; taking on the backwards thinking of progressiveness, a.k.a.: “Heresy”.

Sarah is right, Sarah is good and we’re not worthy of her.

Sarah’s come to save our souls.

Thanks to Agent 12 for these lyrics

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