"Chloe Had A Foreign Policy" lyrics


"Chloe Had A Foreign Policy"

Who cares about the state of the union now? Who put the status quo in an early grave? Well, I’m going to be alright if you’re not okay.

Who left the evidence of a treasonous nature; weapons of mass destruction on an eager heart? Well, I’m going to be relaxed when you’re struggling.

Chloe had a foreign policy.

Negotiations failed, the tempers flared, we’re headed to a war… breaking news at 9 brought by our friends; “the media”. I’m going to be laughing when you’re not around.

A ticking time bomb is in my head, terror alerts are in the red and the Doom’s Day Clock is striking Twelve again. So, go ahead, you’ve stroked that match so put the flame down, let it catch and I’ll rejoice as I watch this fucker burn.

Chloe had a foreign policy.

Thanks to Agent 12 for these lyrics

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