"Open Your Eyes" lyrics


"Open Your Eyes"

When I was younger I used to wait anticipate Mark my calendar on the release date So I'd be the first to hear the brilliant things you'd say I'd skip luch for a week Save up all my money To be the first kid on the block to own your brand new CD Open your eyes open your eyes open your eyes Who's gonna show me how to laugh Open your mouth open your mouth open your mouth Who's gonna show me how to Who's going to show me how to laugh? Who's going to jerk tears from my eyes I've memorized every last word and every note So now who's going to write the songs I wish the songs I always wish I wrote that song So did you think you didn't matter anymore That you weren't changing people's lives Well you're wrong Such poignant words from you I heard Thoughts and emotions that were worth so much more than a cheap slogan on a t-shirt

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