"Smoke" lyrics



It was the first time she could see there was a better fight

It's not the first time that she's drowning
in early summer sea, it makes her catch a break again
it's not the last time he'll be burning out
still at night they're sleeping safe and sound
while outside a storm is clearing all the air

We had to push hard for the answers
we had our share of drowning in impetuous flames
been burning out in water just the same
we're on our way to find the lands of bluer skies
out of the city past the clouds
let's keep our seatbelts fastened one more time

He found a note that left him trembling
he closed his eyes she could not see them watering
his favorite song his heart was pounding
it can't safe me so leave home with me

A life close to its ending
she woke him up late in the afternoon
nothing to hold them back or stop them
from seeing through

So many times she tried to stay and focus
on the old fight to fix those broken mirrors
she tried to save him and waited until the smoke cleared

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