"Saving A Whale" lyrics


"Saving A Whale"

I woke up late in the afternoon
not passing out I won't give in
I'm just floating in the water near the shore

My hands are freezing no more sheets to keep me warm
my head is turning like a giant wheel I’m moving up and down
and you’re still not around

I’m not sober suffocating all alone
a stranded whale that cannot make it on its own

I must have felt like this a thousand times
you must know all these words by heart

I just want to thank you for the times
you gave me water
you’re going nowhere
while I keep passing out

Let’s combat dehydration
Paul swears on pickle juices
you’re going for your coffee break
my heart still hammers on and on

I spent the day in darkness blinded by the lights
now I’m sober having breakfast late at night
it’s not the liquids that have saved my life
it’s not the salts that have set me free
it’s simply all that sparkle in your eyes

Don’t think about going nowhere
I’ll probably go out every night and wail all day with you
I’ll go out every night to wail all day

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