"On The Run" lyrics


"On The Run"

Oh captain my captain, you're failing
we have closed this book of broken strings and harmonies
and in waiting for the good times we made the bad times come
you'll see if anything means anything I know we should be on the run

Through the dead streets of this town
through the hills now filled with ashes
the voices of the night can take home anyone but you
“there's never too much wine”, you said
until we drifted out in summer seas
the paddle strokes came all but easily

Oh captain my captain, you're staying
and all the drinking nights kept everyone in empathy

I better waste no time I better make the sun come out for you
when our eyes turn red they lead us towards the darkness of the moon
“This a lifetime full of wasting” you couldn't hear me say
now if anything means anything baby we should be on the run

You never stopped believing
there was always on more line to break your stride
you almost had a chance
you didn't trust your senses
the key was always close but never there

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