"I Still Know" lyrics


"I Still Know"

like passing out in a back room full of smoke
has ever been that fun, I'm over it
and I am way too old to miss another breakfast
I'm more like: wake up late, make it on time
I'll never sleep past nine again

and if you want me to dance for that drink in your hand
I got my backpack full of it
because I sing for my friends not for a stupid trend
and I'm waiting to be sedated
and all I hear is "here's what you're missing"
I'm hanging out in my bathroom, pissing

the worst thing is that I don't even care
the best thing is that I don't even care
it used to be fun but now I don't even care

like waking up on a couch that smells like cat piss
has ever been that fun, sweet morning breath
and I love cats on his face making his nose plug up
but I'm a whiny little bitch when my feet are stuck
between a trash can and a sweaty singer

and if you think I'm a bore because I vacuum my floor
more than every other week
you should check out my clothes
no more stains or holes

and the colors they're never fading
but I still know when to take my shoes off
before I pass out on the floor
because now I'm back with you
we're rushing out, no one can stop us now
like fireflies we're used to light up the darkness
until the sun breaks our routine
right now I'm somewhere in between

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