"Dreams" lyrics



It's not that every dream looks all the same to me
The night changes faces but this plane is all I see
And I feel sickness, morning sickness
I'm 22 hours from home

While he's thinking 'bout that girl he dated
He reaches for her name, but he's too intoxicated
He's sickening me with the same song running on repeat
But I won't open my eyes!

And I keep talking about sickness
He keeps talking about chores
We share a drink, hold hands, watch a plane in the sky
And look down on a river that has long gone dry
Like a fist in a brawl I am ready to swing
I'll be singing on your shoulder like a messenger of spring
And I'm coming up to you, just pull me up

We're going down I pretend not to care
We'll just land on our cloud, build our castle up there
You'll be my angel, I'll be your singing clown
He's sick and tired of her lies, he's turning away
"Just keep waiting till the shit goes down
With too much around she'll be back into your arms"
So let's not open our eyes

What if this was a dream all together
Could I still come here for the answers
Just take this kiss upon that brow again

That's how I woke her up for good
And all her life she lay there waiting
With her head so full of boys an girls and planes

Everything's gonna work out fine my darling
Everything's gonna be alright
This time we'll just keep talking through the night
And you're not closing your eyes

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