"Beggars And Kings" lyrics


"Beggars And Kings"

you called me up
you said "please man tell me anything
I think I need to hear somebody talk"
you said you haven't slept in a week or so
but you're not counting

"and this town, all the people are the same"
don't know why you stick around
but you're not the one to blame, and on and on
sometimes it's so damn hard to let it go
for a life less ordinary

when you're there, just let me know
beggars and kings what's holding you back?
lose your baggage now

drive your new car into the next ditch
a penny or a crown.
you're wishing hell upon your friends
never seeing them again

they say the first step is the hardest
but you're not counting, my old man said:
"always keep your neck straight and if
life gets tough you'll get tougher and wait"
but what did he know?

sometimes it gets too hard to let it go
for a life less ordinary
when you're there you gotta let me know
if you never get lost you can never be found
will you make it out?

because your heart's all yours
and yours only to keep
do you hear it? do you hear that sound?
and then I swore you'd hear from me
sometimes I miss you, honestly
but good things come to those who wait
or so they say, I'll wait another day

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