"A Plain Guide (To Happiness)" lyrics


"A Plain Guide (To Happiness)"

I see your smile {as} I'm choking
On those pictures
Reminding me of someone
Who was lost in better days

So welcome to my world
Of doubts I'm bathing
In my own blood after my conscience's stabbed my soul

So thank you for your time
I'm on a roller coaster ride
My eyes are shut I'm blind
But you just guide me through
Sometimes I'm blowing up like dynamite
You must not let me
You cannot let me down

You see my smile {as} you're choking
On thoughts of leaving
When you feel lost & lonely
I'm still there to lend a hand

The light that shines on me
Could make me breathing
But still it's blinding me
It's so hard to trust in it

Not giving up this time
The clouds are leaving
You cannot take my dreams from me I keep them hidden
Sometimes a smile can say a lot more than a thousand words, I'll
Just start over again
(Somewhere else)

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