"100 Different Places" lyrics


"100 Different Places"

everyone knows it's time for helping hands
and do you really think
we should watch another band?
who's gonna spill it? maybe the sun will rise
because that's the very best time

and everybody talks like they're meaning it
and maybe they all are but I'm not seeing it

that sinking feeling
deep in my guts from time to time

we always believe our best stories
but sometimes it feels like
there's not a lot left to talk about
one thing at a time now count me out

this city's got a hundred different places
I used to think there's hundreds more to see
and even though I'd like to think
that I belong here
the truth is there is nothing new to me

better pass this thing around
we wear each other out
in dim-lit backyards or in the streets
it's great to hang from time to time
but I just wanna go home most of the time
that sinking feeling, tomorrow I'll be fine
but no one believes our best stories
and sometimes it feels like
there's nothing left to talk about
I've had my time now count me out

this city's got a thousand different faces
I always thought there's so much more to see
a part of me will always belong here
for now I think you're better off without me

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