"Left Out" lyrics


"Left Out"

We used to be such good friends. Never had to worry, you had my back.
We told ourselves we'd never change, it'd never end
I should have known it was all a charade, and you'd desert me.

You got a new group of plastic friends
Left me out in the cold, looking through the window
But I guess that's what happens when popularity's not on your side
I'll leave you to your synthetic dream, I'll be fine

I guess this is how it feels to be a 3rd wheel, a broken crutch, you just throw it in the trash
(A third wheel that you just throw out in the trash)
Never mind me, I'll take the next train out of town and take with me the painful memories of the past

You'll be back again when you realize they don't care about you
You'll knock on the door, but should I let you in
How long until you walk over me again, if I forgive you

I've packed my things, I'm leaving here. Look me up in a phone book if you even care...
(If I died tomorrow would you even care)

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