"Slowly Sinking" lyrics


"Slowly Sinking"

If I had a choice I'd say
fuck parliament off from today
we are the ones who say the government's a joke
I hope all the MP's choke

I don't want to be
part of this fucked up society
rules past on to us by liars
just to fuel their fires

parliament is slowly sinking
like quick sand it's just a matter of time
kept on a short lead like collars round our throats
it's getting hard to breath but it's them that
I hope that choke

it's time to take a stand and that is what we'll do
burn that house of commons downs so no one will be
watching over you
big brother's looking down on you so answer back
with shove your tax
and we'll say in harmony, we have had enough

they'll say what you want to hear just for a vote
your not a human being your just a number to them
told where to go like a train running on the track
lets de-rail we'll never turn our backs

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