"Goodbye, Good Luck" lyrics


"Goodbye, Good Luck"

We'd been together for so long
almost fright from the start
became a bullshit unit and become one
so close to me you actually broke my heart

But thank you and good bye
I was never that better guy
all I wish is good luck
'cos you'll never find a better fuck

Wasting my time with you is all that they said
I finally realised I'd be better off dead
I loved you but it was just a but too much
all the pain I went through just to get to you

Game over, you win
Just Throw my photos in the bin
should of kept this oh so quiet
but for all the years
I was the only protester In our riot
But it's the only way I'll have my say

Game over good bye
see you on the other side
game over good bye
tried so hard to never lie
game over good bye
till the day we die
game over good bye
can never look you in the eye
you'll never find a better fuck

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