"Carpe Diem" lyrics


"Carpe Diem"

They were words that meant the world
A fragile thought that could be shattered
Cling to me for a new direction, the world
A drug of my addiction
I can't blame you don't say you never knew
It was always on the card's
You're not the only one to blame

Attention to everyone who's ever bought me down
I'm leaving you for greener pastures
So fuck you and your shitty town
It's my time to seize the day

Thanks for coming with me the ship has sailed to see
I'm jumping over board so please don't save me
I can't remember if I ever felt this good
It was such a long, long time ago
They all said the answer was at the bottom of the bottle
But no one ever seemed to care

For many years have past
I was fed up of finishing last
And now my life has turned around
Happieness, contentment I have finally found
All because I seized the day
Take no prisoners and you'll win,
I did and got my own way
The grass where I stood has died
Greener pastures I said, is where I'll head

I did it all because I was pissed of going nowhere
So I trod where no man has dared and seized the day

Seize the day...

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