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"There are places I've never been to that would be too dangerous for me. What do you think? Maybe we could travel with each other. Help each other out."

My first thought that night was, "I am Fucked".
A shallow grave, down on my knees...
Bound and Surrounded, Cold and Exposed
A glow behind them called out to me
but before I could call back,

Shaking off the dust wasn't so bad.
I recruited 10 millimeter support and
Carved my way through the wasteland
and managed to survive
but you can only go so far alone
you can only go so far alone...

"Thanks for taking a chance on a naive young girl
from California with stars in her eyes
and a pneumatic gauntlet on her hand"

Veronica, our eyes met at The 188
Your skin was radient,
or was that just residual nuclear fallout?
My Heart skipped a beat
when I witnessed you demonstrate
That the device worn on your wrist
Was not a Pipboy but a Powerfist!

"I'm Veronica. I live in a hole in the ground"

We headed up a darkened mountain path
To intercept maniacal broadcasts
But what we found there was unexpected
And chilled us to the core
When we finished off the first wave
Those Morons sent a dozen more
Cause, V, they don’t know you n’ me.
And every one of them fell at our feet.

Oh, Annabelle I pried you from the cold, dead blue hands
Of something not quite a man
You were the missing third amigo
That thing you do so well impresses me and V
Expanded capability
A mile long trajectory

Blow it up!
Burn it down!
But don’t forget to cover me!!
I was ok by myself
Until I saw her face
I only got so far alone

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