"Our Favorite Band (The Nofx Song)" lyrics


"Our Favorite Band (The Nofx Song)"

Are they gods or clods? I can’t decide.
Rumor becomes urban legend. Common Clowns are then deified.
Enthusiasts sit Giggling and nodding, applauding, outside looking in
Greedily self medicating, absorbing nutrients from cynicism
Not considering what motivates infamous facetious mannerism.
Bragging, fabricating tractates, no subtlety, no reticence.

Socialistic inclination, Revolutionary sentiment
Irresistible siren song summons parasites to fresh, warm shit
Ideas, irreverent in delivery, sound double-edged but could stand sharpening
forgotten or faded with time, they’ll start to emerge like a grape on the vine

A saddened attitude? Attribute that the to loss of youth
and morals, no doubt, but moral fiber is the line
the lure, like wine, a statement clarified in time
and though ‘most nobody gives a crap why,
the silent zealots notice progression defines

but A tale more arduous has already been read
Every hero has to grow up, every Fable eventually grows old
Requisitioning salutary narration.
S’there more could be said?
At this point’d be better if story and writer were both dead

So, are they God or Clods?
I still can’t tell. I suppose that’s just as well
Corporate obeisance confuses ideals. Corporeality antithesis.
We’re voluntary vassals, scrambling at robe tassels
furiously transliterating, fortifying fantastic Elysian fiction

The legend’s built, what’s left to learn?
Reduced, you’re a filler when there’s time to burn
If there’s merit in it for anyone,
the benefit’s is yet be determined
So perplexing, interest is stressing,
curiosity makes the blood in my heart heat
Even though I see the truth I can’t deny the attraction
This lemming-esque passion,
Dying to hurdle to the middle of a fleeting sub-culture revolution.

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