"One Bad Day" lyrics


"One Bad Day"


Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, The Average Man!!

I’ve been thinking lately, about you and me.
We’ve got a problem and it’s gonna end badly.
Been wondering what’s gonna happen to us in the end.
We’re gonna kill each other, aren’t we?

Memory can be so treacherous.
A carnival of poignant childhood aromas.
But you’re led somewhere you don’t wanna go,
full of shapes of things you hoped you’d forgotten.

Just One Bad Day can reduce the sanest man to lunacy!

Are you listening to me?
It’s life and death I’m talking here.
Maybe my death, maybe yours.
So here I am,
this is my attempt to reconcile without bloodshed.
I don’t want your murder on my….

Sanity is not obligatory.
If you hurt inside you can get certified!
And if existence should treat you bad,
don’t waste your time getting even, get mad!


So, there were these two guys in a Lunatic Asylum.
One night, they escape, and up on the roof,
they see their rooftop path to freedom.
The first guy leaps across but his friend is afraid of falling.
So the first guy says, “I’ll shine my flashlight across the gap
and you can walk across the beam and join me.”
But his friend says, “What, you think I’m crazy?!
You’ll just turn it off when I’m halfway across!”

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