"My Little Prince" lyrics


"My Little Prince"

'The Little Prince said earnestly, "That doesn't matter. Where I come from everything is so small"
And with perhaps a hint of sadness he added, "Straight ahead of him, nobody can go very far."'

When I was six I had a moment that stuck with me.
It’s governed everything I’ve done.
No one I’ve met has had the ability
to share my thoughts congruently on matters of utter consequence.

And my life resulting since is lived in isolated fashion,
never tasting desired chemical reaction,
never finding someone who sees more than a hat.

I met the boy a thousand miles from anywhere.
I thought I was delirious but he was there,
And he challenged even my own bloated beliefs.
My fancy way of seeing things made obsolete.

And while I made repairs he spoke of interstellar travel,
of kings, conceited-and-business men,
and overworked lamplighters
but the one he left behind was never far from his mind.

She said, “I have been silly. Forgive me.”
too prideful to beg him not to go.
The total lack of abusive tones from her
baffled him and he stood there unresolved.
“Don’t linger”, she said, “it’s time for you to go.”
She was afraid he’d see her cry.

And learning that she was a dime a dozen rose,
he reflected on her significance.
She’s one in the million heads of a wheat field
or one lonely star among the billions of other stars,
His gift to me was his laughter resounding on them all.

Or was that mistaken tearful timbre?

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