"Lara Croft" lyrics


"Lara Croft"

Lara Croft is a slut!
She’s got big titties and a sexy butt.
When she first came to town
I thought she was cool,
But she stole my boyfriend
And I felt like a fool.
Lara Croft is a Slut.
She used to be my friend
But I’ll tell you what,
She looks pretty hot
In her Tomb Raider clothes
But when she takes it all off
She’s more like
Edward James Almos!
Lara Croft is a Slut!

OMG, you guys, I was at a party the other night and Lara Croft was there… she such a slut! All these dudes were playing her like a uuussed video game. And you know something? I think she liked it? Yeah, I think she actually liked it and you wanna know why?

Lara Croft is a slut!

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