"Ashitaka" lyrics



Though abounding contentment reigned,
fortuity ignored desire
involuntarily propelled by circumstance
My solitary option,
Rise and confront destiny with eyes unclouded

One last look backward, accepting I can face this on my own
Assurance of security's forfeit when embracing the unknown

Now, I'm touched by an iniquitous affliction
Paying for the sins of lesser men
I'm living by the code of my redemption
Never to see home again

Birthed in disaster, inconsequential embryonic chance
to reconcile massive opposing forces
lay distension to rest

Though firmly I stand and resist the rancor my strain is severe
but I have faith
so lend your strength to mine, we'll force the turn of fate’s hand

Cast my glance forward
I don't have to tread this path alone
But the future is still undetermined
I'm embracing the unknown

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