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So many people running around with thir heads on fire
So many burning issures and it makes me fucking tired
everyone should take a stand and try to change this world
I have-I've got my own plans for all the boys and girls

and it only takes a couple hours a day
and I'm doing something positive for a change
while everybody's freaking out cuz they don't know what to do
I'm gonna do my part and watch cartoons

they're closer to reality than any political zine
they've got more personality than any punk rock scene
the simpsons, Ren and Stimpy, everybody on Southpark
they all tell it like it is and they won't keep me in the dark

I know it looks like I'm getting nothing doen
I'm just sitting on the couch flattening my buns
but i've got a new religion and it's right here in this song
Homer Simpson Is God

We'll all die laughing, like a bunch of little kids [Repeated]

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