"Nothing Without Providence" lyrics


"Nothing Without Providence"

Lift my head and see it through
Because I don’t know what else to do
Everything else just goes wrong
All I can do is write these songs
(And this song’s for you)
And this condition never ends
I’ll burn a bridge to warm my hands
I’ll shine a light so I can see
I’m doing this because I believe
(I’m doing something right)
But wouldn’t you like to be back home?
Where it’s warm?
Where it’s safe?
But I can’t go.
So I laugh and cry.
I drink my liver dry.
I’m going down in flames, but at least I tried.
To put up a fight and be honest with myself
And say the things that I believe
With no apologies
If I had faith, would it be the same sad ending?
Never-mending ache in my heart
I’ve got no way to make it right but
I won’t forget you
And I’ll keep on singing
I’ll keep on living
With no apologies

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