"It's Alive!" lyrics


"It's Alive!"

I'll greet the sun today, barely standing on my own two feet.
But if there's a truth to find: I will find it.

I've seen saints become abandonment and heroes lose lucidity,
So I try to stay two steps ahead of the hard times.
All that is forever is the struggle that we share.
If we loved half like we've hated we could climb above despair.

I recall what it is I live for:
Why it is I'm fighting:
The reasons stay the same.
I re-trace every step I've taken:
Every song I've written:
It's love that leads the way.

Do you remember how it feels?

I've seen hearts bloody and calloused forging love out of their anguish.
I've heard choruses 200 voices strong.
I've seen basements full of dancing kids with hearts that span for miles.
I hope one day they'll be singing this song.

Do you remember how it feels to be alive?

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