"Dressed To Impresstevez" lyrics


"Dressed To Impresstevez"

It's time to make something out of nothing.
It's time to stop complaining.
It's time to leave this fucking grief miles behind.

There's nothing worth the heartache.
There'll be no happy endings when you're knocked down and unwilling to get up.

This drama is bullshit.
It makes no sense.
It makes me sick.
It's time to find another way.

Today the sun will rise again.
The darkest nights must end.
And the fog will dissipate, all in good time.

The days are ever moving.
Your time is ever dying.
So let it go and get on with your life.

Dear dying lover: I'm breaking off the anchor
I need no heavy heart and grief is not the answer.
And I'll be alright.
You'll be alright.
We'll be alright alone.

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