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album: "Devil" (2013)
1. The Exit
2. Runaway
3. Knee Deep
4. Devil
5. Back To Bed
6. Holidays
7. Hurry Back Tonight
8. Now I Know...
9. Take Your Time
10. From A Tire Swing
11. We'll Never Die / Bonus Track
12. Do You Remember / Bonus Track
13. What's The Worst That Can Happen? / Bonus Track
14. Wish You Well / Bonus Track
album: "This December, It's One More And I'm Free" (2005)
1. Smile, You've Won
2. It's In Your Blood
3. A Story For Supper
4. Always Move Fast
5. Fools And Luxury
6. Laugh Before You Grin
7. ...When The Ghosts Make Love Again / Instrumental
8. Her And Haley
9. A Camera Lens And Careful Days
10. December
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One / from The Militia Group Demos
Only Something You Could Say / from Four Song Demo
Two / from The Militia Group Demos
Your Taste Is My Attention

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