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album: "The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating" (2011)
1. In The Morning
2. Heatwave
3. Machine Gun
4. For Another Day
5. Song For The Lonely
6. Ride The Wave Boy
7. Resist
8. Away From The City
9. United
10. Universe
11. The Ending Is Just The Beginning Repeating
12. Do You Remember / Bonus Track
single: "Who's Gonna Save Us?" (2003)
1. Who's Gonna Save Us?
2. No Return
3. The Avenue
4. Just Too Bad
EP: "Four On The Floor" (2003)
1. Blinded
2. Fond Farewell
3. No Reaction
4. Live It Up
album: "The Living End" (1998)
1. Prisoner Of Society
2. Growing Up (Falling Down)
3. Second Solution
4. West End Riot
5. Bloody Mary
6. Monday
7. All Torn Down
8. Save the Day
9. Trapped
10. Have They Forgotten
11. Fly Away
12. I Want A Day
13. Sleep On It / Australian Release Only
13. Strange / American Release Only
14. Closing In / Instrumental
EP: "It's For Your Own Good" (1996)
1. From Here On In
2. English Army
3. One More Cell
4. Stay Away From Me
5. Problem
6. 10:15 Saturday Night
EP: "Hellbound" (1995)
1. Trace of Doubt
2. Hellbound / Instrumental
3. Tabletop Show
4. The Living End
5. Strange
6. Headlines
7. Misspent Youth
8. So Lonely
9. Do What I Do / Limited Edition Only
other songs:
Beware The Moon / "White Noise" B-Side
Blue Moon Of Kentucky / from "Long Live the Weekend" Single
Bringin' It All Back Home / from "From Here On In" Singles Collection
CIA / "White Noise" B-Side
Don't Turn Away / from "Wake Up" Single
Flood The Sky / from "Long Live the Weekend" Single
Girls On Film / from tribute to Duran Duran
Girls Talk / from "Wake Up" Single
Guitar Band / from EasyFever - A Tribute To The Easybeats And Stevie Wright
Homestead / from "Roll On" Single
Hopeless (Demo) / "White Noise" B-Side
I Can't Give You What I Haven't Got / from "From Here On In" Singles Collection
I Get A Kick Out Of You / from "From Here On In" Singles Collection (Bonus)
I've Just Seen A Face
Leilani / from "Stoneage Cameos" Compilation
Listen Up Suzy / "White Noise" B-Side
Living In Sin
Lone Ranger
Mr Businessman
New Frontier / "White Noise" B-Side
Out Of This Game / from "File Under Ska" Compilation
Prisoner On the Inside
Rising Sun / from "Standing On The Outside" Cold Chisel tribute album
She's Calling Out / "White Noise" B-Side
Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Tainted Love
The Man With No Name
There Is No Radio
Train Kept A-Rollin'
Witch Doctor
Wrong Side Of The Tracks / from "What's On Your Radio" Single

Punk rock
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