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album: "Horses Galloping On Sailboats" (2015)
1. The Architect
2. The Companion
3. The Middleman
4. The Traveler / Instrumental
5. The Watchmaker
6. The Painter
7. The Butcher
8. The Raconteur
9. The Guru / Instrumental
10. The Sage
11. The Author
12. The Apparition
album: "Did You Know People Can Fly?" (2003)
1. Wounds From A Friend Can Be Trusted / Instrumental
2. Enemies Multiply Kisses
3. Midnight In Shanghai
4. Unto Dark Hours, A Time Machine / Instrumental
5. Vacation On An Invisible Plane
6. Manhattan Loves You
7. Unabridged; En Masse To The Orgy / Instrumental
8. Day Disappears With The Absence Of Night

Progressive rock
Alternative rock
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