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album: "Sometimes We Are Beautiful" (2007)
1. Call To Arms
2. Angel Of Lost Hopes
3. Altars
4. To Be Your One And Only
5. Instrumental
6. This Moment
7. Somewhere Familiar
8. With Devils
9. In The Wake Of Loss
10. Paradise Regained
album: "Lay Waste The Poets" (2005)
1. All That Remains...
2. Hoping To Dream & Never Return
3. Lest I Sleep The Sleep Of Death
4. Fall From Your Eyes
5. Compassion Is My Own Dissent
6. These Sonnets Of Our Lives
7. Frame Thy Fearful Symmetry / Instrumental
8. Kiss The Lips Of Your Betrayer
9. Comatose
10. ...All That I Have
11. Ending With A Question / Instrumental

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