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album: "The Underground Is A Dying Breed" (2007)
1. Stateside
2. Vampire
3. Battleship
4. What We Believe In
5. 45's
6. Holding On To Nothing
7. U.S. Royalty
8. Ventricle
9. Spit You Out
10. Cali
11. 6-8
album: "Reality's Coming Through" (2004)
1. Inhabit
2. Save You
3. Fear The Sound
4. Cheap Trick
5. Failure
6. Tell The Truth
7. Unfaithful
8. The Best You Ever Knew
9. Crossbow
10. Riding A Low
11. Moonlight - Sunlight
album: "If I Knew Now What I Knew Then" (1999)
1. Weak Warm
2. Irish Car Bomb
3. Slacker
4. Remover
5. Chemistry
6. Medicated Lungs
7. Achy Breaky Hockey Hair
8. Good Intentions
9. Chinese Cuts
10. Low
other songs:
Forgive Me
Gin And Juice / from "Punk Goes Crunk" Compilation
High Tech Lip Gloss
Misled / from "Atticus ...Dragging The Lake II" Compilation
Sadie Hawkins
This One's For Randy

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