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album: "Nothing To Prove" (2008)
1. 1995
2. Nothing To Prove
3. Sunday
4. A Thin Line
5. Unconditional
6. Still Here
7. Fairweather Friend
8. Heart On My Sleeve
9. Mitts
10. What Happened?
EP: "All We Want" (2002)
1. All We Want
2. Static
3. Wrong
album: "Thicker Than Water" (1997)
1. Universal Language
2. Everready
3. Talk Too Much
4. I See It In Us
5. Sacred Heart
6. Innocent Kids
7. Scarred
8. Go
9. This Time
10. Friend
11. A+
12. Phone Song
13. Responsible
14. Wake Up
15. Thicker Than Water
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Mr. Brett, Please Put Down Your Gun / from "Short Music For Short People" Compilation
Nazi Punks Fuck Off

Punk rock
Melodic hardcore
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