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album: "The Fun Just Never Ends" (1985)
1. Fun And Games
2. Written Word
3. Mad At Myself
4. The Next Time
5. Bored To Death
6. Vanity Fare
7. World Caved In
8. Massacre
9. Trapped
album: "Joy Ride" (1984)
1. Blending In
2. Understand
3. 4-Wall Hermit
4. Familiar
5. Time To Escape
6. Joyride
7. Hall Of Fame
8. Notch To My Crotch
9. Reflection
10. These Boots Are Made For Walking
EP: "Make An Effort" (1983)
1. Teenager In A Box
2. No Way Out
3. Twisted Views
4. Sheer Terror
other songs:
Day Of Reckoning / from "Give Us Stabb Or Give Us Death" mini LP

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