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album: "Start Today" (1989)
1. New Direction
2. Stand Still
3. Degradation
4. Good Intentions
5. Forgotten
6. Things We Say
7. Start Today
8. Two Sides
9. First Failure
10. Competition
11. Time Flies
12. Cats And Dogs
13. Sitting Around At Home / Hidden Track
14. Gorilla Biscuits / Hidden Track
EP: "Gorilla Biscuits" (1988)
1. High Hopes
2. Big Mouth
3. No Reason Why
4. GM2 / Instrumental
5. Hold Your Ground
6. Breaking Free
7. Finish What You Started
8. Sitting Around At Home / Reissue Bonus Track
9. Gorilla Biscuits / Reissue Bonus Track
10. Short End Of The Stick / Reissue Bonus Track
11. Hold Your Ground 1 / Reissue Bonus Track
12. GM2 1 (Slut) / Reissue Bonus Track
other songs:
At The Matinee
Better Than You / from "The Way It Is" Compilation
Do It Yourself
Don't Tread On Me
Knee Deep In The Ocean Of Hate
Pushed Too Far

Hardcore punk
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