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album: "Keep Me On Your Side" (2008)
1. Serpent Queen Pt. 2
2. The Night
3. Details
4. Hard To Watch You Go
5. Lay With Me
6. I Need This
7. Jesse
8. Drift Away
9. This Is It
10. Drown
11. Say Your Goodbyes
12. Take It All
album: "Always And Never" (2006)
1. Welcome To Hell / Instrumental
2. My Only
3. Death Goes To Disco
4. All Hail The Serpent Queen Part 1; Trilogy
5. Take My Hand
6. Loner
7. No Way To Escape
8. Our Song
9. A Shadow And A Prayer
10. Going Away
11. Suffer
12. Taking Over
13. All For You
other songs:
Milkshake / "Always And Never" B-Side
Suffocating Slow
The Massacre Begins Tonight / from "Death Goes To Disco" Single

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