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EP: "Year Of The Rat" (2009)
1. Year Of The Rat
2. First Born
album: "The Chemistry Of Common Life" (2008)
1. Son The Father
2. Magic Word
3. Golden Seal / Instrumental
4. Days Of Last
5. Crooked Head
6. No Epiphany
7. Black Albino Bones
8. Royal Swan
9. Twice Born
10. Looking For God / Instrumental
11. The Chemistry Of Common Life
12. The Peaceable Kingdom / Vinyl Bonus Track
EP: "Year Of The Dog" (2006)
1. Year Of The Dog
2. Last Man Standing
EP: "Litany" (2006)
1. Litany
2. What Could Have Been
3. Colour Removal
4. Reset The Ride
EP: "Generation" (2005)
1. Generation
2. Ban Violins
3. Magic Kingdom
EP: "No Pasaran" (2002)
1. No Pasaran
2. Circling The Drain

Hardcore punk
Experimental rock
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