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EP: "Losing Days" (2013)
1. Losing Days
2. Hits & Mrs
3. Longing For The Day
4. Who's Got A Match
album: "Tape Deck Heart" (2013)
1. Recovery
2. Losing Days
3. The Way I Tend To Be
4. Plain Sailing Weather
5. Good And Gone
6. Tell Tale Signs
7. Four Simple Words
8. Polaroid Picture
9. The Fisher King Blues
10. Anymore
11. Oh Brother
12. Broken Piano
13. We Shall Not Overcome / Bonus Track
14. Wherefore Art Thou Gene Simmons / Bonus Track
15. Tattoos / Bonus Track
16. Undeveloped Film / Bonus Track
17. Time Machine / Bonus Track
18. Cowboy Chords / Bonus Track

Folk punk
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