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album: "The Pride And Disgrace" (1986)
1. Ethiopia
2. Sadie Sadie
3. Graveyard Rock
4. Rain
5. Little Girl
6. Hiding In Your Room
7. I Am King
8. Bomb Russia
9. Matchstick Men
10. Live Strippers In Action
11. Underwear
12. Surfin' On Heroin
13. Do You Wanna Fuck Me? / Bonus Track
album: "This Ain't Hollywood" (1981)
1. Hello Hello
2. Tell Me You Love Me
3. This Ain't Hollywood
4. Don't Hide Your Face
5. Memory Lane
6. Surfin' On Heroin
7. Rhona Barrett
8. The Me Generation
9. England Keep Yer Stars
10. Eve Of Destruction
11. Your Own Little World
12. Save The Last Dance For Me
13. It Won't Be Long
EP: "Tomorrow Belongs To Us" (1978)
Reich 'N Roll

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