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split EP: "Florida Doesn't Suck (Fake Problems/You Blew It!)" (2013)
1. Small Devil Song
2. Gone Before Dawn
See other songs from this split in: YOU BLEW IT!
album: "Real Ghosts Caught On Tape" (2010)
1. ADT
2. 5678
3. Songs For Teenagers
5. Soulless
6. Complaint Dept.
7. Done With Fun
8. The Magazines
9. White Lies
10. Grand Finale
11. Ghost To Coast
12. The Gun / iTunes Bonus Track
EP: "Viking Wizard Eyes, Wizard Full Of Lies" (2008)
1. Adam's Song
2. Mutt
3. Wendy Clear
other songs:
Bands With Business Plans / from "Take Action! Vol. 10" Compilation
C'mon James
How Do You Spell Hero Evel
Making It Up
Mr. Rock And Roll Role / from "Soulless" Single
Out Alive / from "Soulless" Single
Real Problems In SRQ
Rumble In The Jungle / from "The Dream Team" Single
See You Soon

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