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album: "Ungrateful" (2013)
1. Ungrateful
2. Until We Die
3. Live Fast, Die Beautiful
4. Forget About Me
5. You're Insane
6. Chemical Love
7. Picture Perfect
8. Risk It All
9. Desire
10. One For The Money
11. Fire It Up
12. I Alone / Bonus Track
13. Father, Brother / Bonus Track
14. Losing Control / Bonus Track
15. Apologize / Bonus Track
album: "Escape The Fate" (2010)
1. Choose Your Fate
2. Massacre
3. Issues
4. Zombie Dance
5. Gorgeous Nightmare
6. City Of Sin
7. Day Of Wreckoning
8. Lost In Darkness
9. Prepare Your Weapon
10. World Around Me
11. The Aftermath (G3)
12. Liars And Monsters / Deluxe Edition Bonus Track
13. The Final Blow / Deluxe Edition Bonus Track
album: "This War Is Ours" (2008)
1. We Won't Back Down
2. On To The Next One
3. Ashley
4. Something
5. The Flood
6. Let It Go
7. You Are So Beautiful
8. This War Is Ours (The Guillotine Part II)
9. 10 Miles Wide
10. Harder Than You Know
11. It's Just Me
12. Bad Blood / Deluxe Edition Bonus Track
13. Behind The Mask / Deluxe Edition Bonus Track
other songs:
I Can Swing A Mic Like Nobody's Business
Make Up / from "Situations" EP
Make Up / Demo
Smooth / from "Punk Goes Pop 2" Compilation
The Structure Falls
When I Go Out, I Want To Go Out On A Chariot Of Fire / Demo

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