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EP: "My New World" (2007)
1. My New World
2. Here In The Dark
3. Crystal Clear
4. Products
5. Tragedy
album: "The Epoxies" (2002)
1. Need More Time
2. Walk The Streets
3. We're So Small
4. Science Of You
5. Cross My Heart
6. You
7. Stop Looking At Me
8. Losing Control
9. Bathroom Stall
10. Molded Plastic
11. Please Please
EP: "Synthesised" (2002)
1. Need More Time
2. Molded Plastic
3. Beat My Guest
4. Synthesised
5. Clones
other songs:
Don't Talk To Me / from "Old Skars And Upstarts 505" Compilation
Join The Professionals / from "Dirtnap Across The Northwest" Compilation

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