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EP: "Tales From The Asylum" (2008)
1. Fucked Up People
2. Cemental
3. I Need An Operation
4. Ya Buy One Bomb
5. Untimely Demise Of A Stranger
6. Burn
EP: "To The Ends Of The Earth" (1984)
1. Ambassador Of Fear
2. The Chase Is On
3. Incisor
4. Survival Of The Fittest
album: "Invasion Of The Porky Men" (1984)
1. The Fall Of Max
2. World War 2
3. Your Country
4. Blind Man
5. Mercenary
6. Never Die
7. Astophs Waiting
8. Newsflash
9. Ghost Of The Past
10. Carol
11. Spoils Of War
12. Cranked Up Really High
13. Invasion Of The Porky Men
14. Caveman Brain
other songs:
Criminal Juvenile
Left Me For Dead / from "Mad Punx And English Dogs" EP
Psycho Killer / from "Mad Punx And English Dogs" EP

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