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album: "Lion" (2008)
1. Walking On Water
2. Patience (Gave It Up)
3. Rumor Mill
4. The Ties That Bind And Break Within / Instrumental
5. The Lion
6. Elysium
7. Better In The Rain
8. The Day You Made The Sky Fall
9. All For Nothing
10. Ascending
11. Heaven / Instrumental
album: "The Very Air We Breathe" (2007)
1. Introduction
2. Your Time To Shine
3. The Heist
4. Reasons We Sleep
5. Made Of Gold
6. Our Lives In Slow Motion
7. Cadence And Cascade / Instrumental
8. Cowboys And Indians
9. We Are Your Own
10. Life Like Movies
11. Walk The Plank
12. Tonight... We Dance!
13. The Artist

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