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album: "The Island Of Disco Ensemble" (2010)
1. Bay Of Biscay
2. Pitch Black Cloud
3. White Flag For Peace
4. Protector
5. So Cold
6. Get Some Sleep
7. Life Of Crime
8. Semi Eternal Flame / Undo
9. Lefty
10. Samantha
EP: "Back On The MF Street" (2009)
1. Back On The MF Street
2. Golden Years
3. The Alps
4. Abandoned
5. Bad Luck Charm (Them Shepherds Remix)
6. Bad Luck Charm (Mr. Velcro Fastener Remix)
album: "Viper Ethics" (2003)
1. Dynamite Days
2. Zombies
3. In Neon
4. Videotapes
5. Masquerade
6. Mantra
7. Secret Society
8. Cynic
9. Invisible Ink
10. Skeleton Key
11. Sink Your Teeth In

Punk rock
Alternative rock
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