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single: "Ignorance" (1985)
1. Ignorance
2. No Compromise
EP: "Warning: Her Majesty's Government Can Seriously Damage Your Health" (1983)
1. Warning
2. Where There Is A Will There Is A Way
3. In Defense Of Our Future
4. Anger Burning
single: "The Price Of Silence" (1983)
1. The Price Of Silence
2. Born To Die In The Gutter
single: "State Violence/State Control" (1982)
1. State Violence/State Control
2. Doomsday
EP: "Never Again" (1981)
1. Never Again
2. Death Dealers
3. Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles
EP: "Decontrol" (1980)
1. Decontrol
2. It's No TV Sketch
3. Tomorrow Belongs To Us
EP: "Realities Of War" (1980)
1. Realities Of War
2. They Declare It
3. But After The Gig
4. Society's Victim
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The More I See

Hardcore punk
Crossover thrash
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