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EP: "Know Nothing Stays The Same" (2004)
1. Coming Around Again
2. Another Day In Paradise
3. Take My Breath Away
4. She's Always A Woman
5. Part-Time Lover
EP: "A Beautiful Theme" (2000)
(Performed as Ev Angel)
1. 12.20.99
2. Swim Farther Aaron
3. The Change in You
4. Northbound I-75
5. Idee Fix
6. Walking Downtown
7. Adisson's Walk
other songs:
Black Hole Sun / from "Punk Goes 90's" Compilation
Do You Hear What I Hear / from "Happy Christmas Vol. 4" Compilation
Every Breath You Take / from "POLICIA! A Tribute To The Police" Compilation
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas / from "Happy Christmas Vol. 5" Compilation
Thanks To You / from "Dressed Up & In Line" B-Sides Album

Alternative rock
Indie rock
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