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EP: "The Heartless Control Everything" (2003)
(Performed as The Chiodos Bros.)
1. Compromise Of 1984
2. Rainclouds For Eyeballs
3. Ravishing Matt Ruth
4. Vacation To Hell
5. The Lover And The Liar
6. Hathaway Lane
7. Bulls Have Horns
EP: "The Best Way To Ruin Your Life" (2002)
(Performed as The Chiodos Bros.)
1. Mike Tyson Vs. Mozart / Intro
2. Quantum Mechanics
3. Roger's And Holland's Feeling
4. Vacation To Hell
5. Rainclouds For Eyeballs
6. Deserving An Explanation
7. Hathaway Lane
8. Lindsay Quit Lollygagging
EP: "The Chiodos Bros." (2001)
1. Ode To The Second Hour
2. Open The Fridge
3. Lindsay Quit Lollygagging
4. Thursday
5. Adrienne
other songs:
...And Then The Liver Screamed 'HELP!' / from "Bone Palace Ballet" Reissue
Flagpole Sitta / from "Punk Goes Pop 2" Compilation
Pirates And Rebels
Queen Of Diamonds / from "All's Well That Ends Well" Reissue
Smitten For The Mitten / from "Bone Palace Ballet" Reissue
Two Birds Stoned At Once / from "Bone Palace Ballet" Reissue
We Swam From Albatross, The Day We Lost Kailey Cost / from "Bone Palace Ballet" Reissue

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