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EP: "100% Two Fingers In The Air Punk Rock" (1993)
1. Happy Spastic
2. A Swindle
3. Wall Street Crash
4. Ronnie I
5. Ronnie II
6. The Alcoholic
album: "The Chipping Sodbury Bonfire Tapes" (1989)
1. Intro
2. World Stock Market
3. Indecision
4. Kill!
5. Uniform Choice
6. No Tax!
7. Think
8. Rise From The Rubble II
9. Brain Bomb
10. Too Cool For School, Too Stupid For The Real World (Let's Form A Band)
11. Courier
12. Farmyard / Cider House Mix
split: "Radioactive Earslaughter (Chaos U.K./E.N.T.)" (1986)
1. A Month Of Sundays
2. Red Sky At Night
3. Used And Abused
4. Political Dreaming
5. Skate Song
6. Back To Scool
7. Depression
8. Hope You Got A Fuckin' Headache

Hardcore punk
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